Moldflow Capability

Moldflow 24
"Flow Simulation results in 24 hours or less"
Imtech's unique "Moldflow 24" service is aimed at helping our customers determine the answers to basic questions in 24 hours or less.
image Confirm Gate Position, Fill pattern, Cavity Fill Pressure and Clamp Force.
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Moldflow 24 results include:
  • PPT Report.
  • Animated Fill Pattern.
  • Cavity Fill Pressure.
  • Estimated Clamp Force.
  • Process Parameters.
  • Points of concern.

You supply:
  • Clean STEP or IGES file.
  • Single part per file. - no assemblies.
  • No radii smaller than 0.5 mm.
  • No text, symbols or logo's.
  • Your nominated Gate location.
  • Detail of the material grade.
About Our Moldflow 24 Service:
"Moldflow 24" is not a in depth study but it will provide you with important information quickly and enable you to proceed with confidence.