Moldflow Capability

imtech design | Moldflow Capability
imtech design has attained Autodesk, Moldflow Gold Certification, ensuring our customers receive the highest level of technical expertise. This prestigious award has only been gained by a handful of companies Worldwide and confirms imtechs commitment to excellence in the field of Mold flow CAE analysis.
Here are just some of the services we offer:

Analysis Capability
  • Filling & Packing Analysis
  • Gate Location Analysis
  • Molding Window Analysis
  • Cooling Analysis
  • Warpage Analysis
  • Runner Balancing Analysis
  • Overmolding Analysis
  • Fiber Flow Analysis
  • Shrinkage Analysis

Moldflow Plastics Insight
  • MPI/Flow
  • MPI/ReactiveMolding
  • MPI/3D & MPI/3D Stand-alone
  • MPI/Fusion
  • MPI/Synergy
  • MPI/Cool
  • MPI/Warp
  • MPI/Fiber
  • MPI/Shrink
  • MPI/Optim
  • MPI/Stress
The Injection Molding Process:
The injection molding process itself is a complex mix of time, temperature and pressure variables with a multitude of manufacturing defects that can occur without the right combination of processing parameters and design components.

Because of these complexities, today's plastic part and injection mold designers are under tremendous pressure. Project timelines are being compressed; scaling to high-volume production at times occurs literally overnight; there is a push to ever thinner-walled molding; mold design, mold making and manufacturing often occur across fragmented geographic locations.

Moldflow is an industry generic term for:- Polymer Flow Analysis, Mouldflow, Mould Filling Analysis & Mold Filling Simulations.

Moldflow Plastic Adviser, Plastics Insight, Moldflow Mpi, Mold flow communicator and Mold Adviser are Mould flow software products for simulating the injection molding of plastic materials. Imtech use CAD Connectivity Tools to link structural CAD - CAE to MPI, MPA and MPX Community projects in the plastics and tool making industry. "Moldflow" is a registered trademark Moldflow Corporation & Moldflow Europe ltd.