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HDPE materials

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)

Typical Applications

Containers in refrigeration units, storage vessels, household goods (kitchenware), seal caps, bases for PET bottles, etc. Major use is in blow-molding applications (packaging applications)

Injection Molding Processing conditions


Not normally necessary if stored properly.

Melt Temperature

180 - 280 C (356 - 536 F); for high molecular weigh grades, the suggested melt temperature range is 200 - 250 C (392 - 482 F)

Mold Temperature

20 - 95 C (68 - 194 F) (higher temperatures for wall thickness of up to 6 mm; lower temperature for wall thicknesses greater than 6 mm.) The cooling rate should be uniform to minimize shrinkage variations. For optimum cycle times, the cooling channel diameters should be at least 8 mm and must be within a distance of 1.3 d from the mold surface (where "d" is the diameter of the cooling channel).

Material Injection Pressure

70 - 105 MPa

Injection Speed

High injection velocity is recommended; profile injection velocity can be used to reduce warpage in the case of components with a large surface area.

Runners and Gates

Diameters of runners range from 4 - 7.5 mm (typically 6 mm). Runner lengths should be as short as possible. All types of gates may be used. Gate lands should not exceed 0.75 mm in length. Ideally suited for hot runner molds; an insulated hot tip runner is preferred when there are frequent color changes.

Chemical and Physical Properties

High density polyethylene is produced from polymerization of ethylene (lower temperature and pressure conditions are used compared to the production of low density polyethylene). The material is free from branching and this is made possible by the use of stereospecific catalysts. Because of molecular regularity, HDPE has a high level of crystallinity (compared to LDPE).

Higher levels of crystallinity contribute to higher density, tensile strength, heat distortion temperature, viscosity, and chemical resistance. HDPE is more resistant to permeability than LDPE. The impact strength is lower. The properties of HDPE are controlled by the density, and molecular weight distributions. Injection molding grades typically have a narrow molecular weight distribution.

When the density is 0.91 - 0.925 g/cm^3, the material is known as Type 1; Type 2 materials have densities in the range of 0.926 - 0.94 g/cm^3, and Type 3 materials have densities in the range of 0.94 - 0.965 g/cm^3.

The material flows easily and the MFR ranges from 0.1 - 28. Higher molecular weights (lower MFR grades) have better impact resistance.

Being a semicrystalline material, the molding shrinkage is high (order of 0.015 - 0.04 mm/mm or 1.5 - 4%). This is dependent on the degree of orientation and level of crystallinity in the part (which in turn are dependent on processing conditions and part design).

PE is susceptible to environmental stress cracking, which can be minimized by reducing internal stresses by proper design and using the lowest MFR material at a particular density level. HDPE is soluble in hydrocarbons at temperatures greater than 60 C, but resistance to these materials is greater than that for LDPE.


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Moldflow, Filling, Cooling, Warpage analysis, weld lines, flow lines, fiber orientation, polymer flow, rapra, part advisor
Moldflow, Filling, Cooling, Warpage analysis, weld lines, flow lines, fiber orientation, polymer flow, rapra, part advisor
Moldflow, Filling, Cooling, Warpage analysis, weld lines, flow lines, fiber orientation, polymer flow, rapra, part advisor t1 automotive plastic molding, injection moulding, toolmaking CAE services moldex, cadmold, gas injection, fibre filled, mpi, fusion, midplane models Imtech Design,household appliances, tooling, tools, mould, die, toolmaker, die maker, Moldflow Filling, Cooling and Warpage analysis medical device, simulation of plastic injection moulded products meiki, kawaguchi,milacron, mitsubishi, negri bossi, netstal, niigata, nissei, omf turra, oima, plastak, sandretto, stork, van dorm Moldflow, Catia, Solidworks, Inventor, SDRC, Solidedge, STEP, STL, Parasolid, iges, pro engineer, unigraphics, ideas, finite element cycle time, Cooling, analysis, production rate, fast cycle, plastic, injection moulding, molding process, efficiency CAD, CAD/CAM, CAM,  Computerizes Numerical Control, CNC,  Cutting Tools, Diecasting, Die casting, Diemaking, Die making, Dies, Drilling machines, Dry Machining, EDM Mold Seminars, Mold Shows, Mold Statistics, Mold Testing, Mold Training, Mould Associations Moldflow, fibre, gas, midplane analysis, plastic molding, injection moulding Filling, analysis, plastic molding, plastic consultant, plastics advice sigmasoft, cadmold, moldex 3d, cmold, moldflow, cae injection molding simulation services, plastics engineering, hot runners arburg, asian plastic machinery, atec, battenfeld, bmb, chen hsong, demag ergotech, dgp windsor, dongshing hydraulics, engal, fu chun shin, hpm, husky, jaco manufacturing, jsw japan steel works, jinhwa injection molding simulation software, plastics solutions, flow front, extrusion, trade moulder, custom molder husky, mold masters, inco, fast heat, synventive, hrs flow, polyshot, pms systems, ewikon, manner, gunther, orycon, dme, modplas, thermoplay, volastic, hasco. Mould Builder, Mould Buyers Guide, Mould Coating,  Mould Components, Mould Conference, Mould Design, Mould Directory, Mould Distributor, Mouldmaker, Mould Maker, Mould Mold Making, Moldmaking Equipment, Mold Making Equipment, Mold materials, Mold Metals, Mold Polishing, Mold Products, Mold Repair Mold Components, Mold Conference, Mold Design, Mold Directory, Mold Distributor, Mold Magazine, moldmaker, Mold Maker, Mold maker magazine, Moldmaking Moldflow,moldex, cadmold,  polymer , plastic, composite, hdt, gas injection, fibre filled, glass, talc, mineral, gas, blowing agent, mpi Machining Centers, Metalworking, Metal working, Milling Machines, Mold, Mold Associations, Mold Builders, Mold Buyers Guide, Mold Coating Electrical Discharge Machining, ETMM, Graphite, Grinding machines, Hot Runners, Injection Molding Molds, Injection Moulding Moulds, Machining Moldflow, Filling, Cooling, Warpage analysis, weld lines, flow lines, fiber orientation, polymer flow, rapra, part advisor

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